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Check out the tips of the Medal of Honor for X-box360: During the game hold the RB and LB pressure and make the sequence X, B, Y, A and A. Then, enter one of the following codes: Full power – Keep the LB1 and RB pressed and do the sequence Y, X, X, Y, A and B. Unlimited Ammo – Hold LB and RB and then pressed the sequence B, B, Y, X, A and Y.

With the passage of time, we as good human beings we evolve, our interests and we are changing into new phases of our lives. In most of these moments I decided to change the focus of the blog Kilobyte. Simply tired of technology here, gadgets go, release phones that make up coffee, ENOUGH. From today I am setting up a company that sells antiques,’ll just get on eBay and creating a small e-commerce, which is already in the final phase. In this blog I will post the products, talk a little bit of their story and hopefully enrich the mind with all of the good old ‘story’. I hope everyone understands this decision, I know you will love the new phase of the blog.

Microsoft recently launched a contest that at least requires the participation of all the geeks on call. The fact is that part is VERY easy, and the rewards are there for the flamboyant. But that requires the participation of all? Well, actually it is Microsoft that is demanding, what I’m saying is that it’s possible that someone who knows how to use Office will not attend. It’s very simple to participate, just create models, such as travel plans, parties, photo albums, personalized calendars, statistics on their football team, among others. The model most creative, chosen by the team win a Kit Microsoft Official Xbox 360 and the top three finishers will earn 01 Microsoft Office Student 2007 each. Check out the official competition website for more information. You can send as many models as you want until the 15th of March. Good luck to all. Or rather, I hope the Office of you does not work, because this is MY Xbox. Muhohohohoho Source: official competition website

In China, eight people were arrested for using high-tech equipment to help young people to answer questions from Gaokao (sort of entrance exam in China). They were with smartphones, signal amplifiers and Bluetooth headsets, parents were sending test responses directly from home. For that they hired university known for their high notes. The amazing thing is that the police discovered this when detected radio signals considered abnormal in the vicinity of the university. Parents can take from six to three years in prison. What makes me remember that promotion that HP is rolling – And if your notebook was 3G? – Well, obviously if it was 3G necklace would be a much easier thing to do. = D Source: Info