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The official version of Microsoft’s browser is available for download today, March 19th at 13h on the site of Microsoft. The downloads will be released for licensed users of Microsoft. The Internet Explorer browser is the official Windows 7, but also work on Windows Vista and XP version. Although find older versions of Internet Explorer a tremendous mess behind, the new version over my attention on the speed, consistency and organization. I’ll never replace my Firefox, but it is an excellent choice of browser. In my view, today is the second best browser available, and in this order: Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome Safari4.0 Opera Download Internet Explorer 8 Download Internet Explorer 8 – Click here – WIndows XP and 2003 Download Firefox 3 Download Firefox 3 – Click here

During an annual event security – CanSecWest – which promote a challenge of breaking into computers, each participant will have 30 minutes to try to break into a notebook running Mac, Linux and another with a third on Windows. What happened this year was a little, say embarrassing. One security expert Charlie Miller broke into a MacOS X fully updated and patched in just 10 seconds, and it only used the Safari with one click. Needless to say who won the prize this year is not it? Charlie discovered this vulnerability that allows a MacOS X is invaded by simply accessing a malicious URL. But not around the shame of the event, another security expert with the nickname Nils – It will be a Matrix fan? – Broke into a notebook with Windows 7, using unknown flaws in Safari, IE8, Firefox, or when it seems we are safe only with Chrome. Only one thing I hated this story. Where’s the bloody days of the Linux invasion?

Today, 21 March 2009, Twitter complete his three year old of age, said Jack Dorsey , one of the founders of the system of the world’s most famous microblogging. At 13h02, California time, on 21 March 2006, the service officially born , with a message from the same Dorsey. We have come a long way, said co-founder in the birthday post. 2008 was a big year for Twitter, and now, the expectations for this new tool is getting better. Stay here my thanks to the team twitter, congratulations and many years of life. Until a better service, of course. Source: Info

With the success of the Kindle eBook fabrincantes seems that if excited with the possibilities of this kind of gadget. Now it’s time for Samsung to make its launch in this segment, with the eBook reader Papyrus. With A5 size (21.0 x 14.8 cm), Samsung Papyrus make life easier for those who like to read a good book, but can not be carrying them around. He has a touch screen that allows you to move back pages and, moreover, it has a clock, calculator and contact manager. Its internal memory is 512MB. We also know that it will be cheaper than the Kindle (hey is not?), I’m not sure about the connectivity of the device, but it seems it will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to download the books. We can only wait to see if the machine will make much noise in the market, the hardware is worth it, and actually has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, quality essential extr