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As would be expected, the Asus is introducing their new netbooks during the CeBIT , the world’s largest technology fair. In the midst of their presentations was the Asus Eee PC S121, which say with these words: run away a little of the price patterns of netbooks common. The Asus Eee PC S121 which costs about $ 1,600, has a 512GB SSD disk, which is prohibitively large for a netbook, and it is because of him the excuse that price. They also carry a cheaper version, about 900 Doal containing a Hard disk of 120GB. I just do not understand what is really happening, or too thrilled with the Asus Eee PC sales and are ordering to see the prices, or simply created a luxury netbook stupid. Do not know about you, my idea is to be portable netbook, good for travel, loading documents, worksheets, now, what to store 512GB? Movies? Music? Games? Do not know if it makes much sense, but to music, of course, but if you’re not a DJ, will not occupy so much space with music. Err, I think even if you’re a DJ will take up so much space.

It really seems that manufacturers are listening to users. The fact is that a Blu-ray players from Sony, the BDP-S560 offers Wi-Fi 802.11n, enabling access to the features of BD-Live. Moreover, it can also connect to other devices thanks to DLNA compativilidade. The model supports the system with Dolby 7.1 ThueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD. The Blu-ray also supports DVD upscaling and features Precision Drive technology, which improves the quality of reproduction. It will be available from the second half of the year, with prices ranging from 300 to 400 dollars. More information: Sony

After that great confusion where Microsoft has blocked a lesbian on Xbox Live, gays all over the world began protesting against the attitude taken. Well, no need to explain what was the mess is not it? Sites around the world published the fact after the lesbian girl accusing Microsoft of censorship and discrimination. Large organizations that champion the cause GLS published articles accusing Microsoft, as the American Association GLAAD Gay and LGF, the Lesbian and Gay Foundation , based in the UK. With all this ‘brouhaha’ Microsoft ended up coming out as a great evil villain who hates gays, and was forced to publicly apologize for the fact. Stephen Toulouse, head of Xbox Live, went to MTV to apologize for the decision. He added that the tags available in the Xbox does not include sex-related words, and words with sexual terms caused confusion in the system locks the Xbox Live. Still said: In general how words are used by gay members of the network with negative connotation, which caused the company to classify it as a tag that can cause blockage of a profile. Anyway, more of a bruised ball from Microsoft, and then not understand why Apple has been growing so rapidly in the market. If we look at the facts, the world today there is a gay man for every ten people, and 100 people there is someone very geeky. Namely: 90% – Windows 9% – Mac 0.0003% – Linux Source: INFO

The Institute for Social Innovation 3M is a group that encourages the development of projects and new discoveries in the area of social technology. The fact is that the 3M Institute is holding a contest for University Students and Journalists, with the aim of encouraging the production of works that highlight findings of technological and social benefit to communities. Students can participate in projects and university media professionals to create reports showing some technological innovation and social development. A good example is the project that is being developed to build an inexpensive solar heater . Registration is open until March 31, both for projects such as reports on the subject cited. For students: If you are a student, know the rules (PDF, 20kb) and sign up here . Please also download the Letter of Agreement (PDF, 69kb) that must accompany your entry. Journalists: If you are a journalist, knows the rules (PDF, 14kb) and sign up here . More information For more information visit the Institute website 3M