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A few weeks ago the final version of Internet Explorer 8 (at least in the official program), the people of Redmond surprised everyone with a flashy advertisement. Microsoft Labs is working on a new browser, whose name will be Gazelle, he promises more security than its competitors such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer. Gazelle is actually still a prototype, with over 5000 lines of code in C #. Its main difference from other browsers is that he considers each part of a website, as inline frames, subframes and plugins, which today are most often used to insert malicious code. For while it is still being designed, so get out of Alpha or Beta open to the public test the software. The only thing I still have to commit to this project from Microsoft Labs is: Who was the outcast who chose this name? HAHAHA gay thing. Read more: Microsoft Researchers Developing new, more secure Web browser

As you know, the new Nokia N-Series will bring consvaginigo Skype, a program that makes it possible to make calls to mobiles and landlines at absurdly cheap prices. In addition, you can communicate with other users of the service for free. The fact is that mobile operators were left with Areinho vagina when they learned of that fact. Some operators have even denied that they will sell the new N97 and other N series phone that has Skype. The big carriers are trying hard to avoid the use of mass Skype, which will happen terrible consequences for these companies will be millions and millions of money that they fail to win. That is, they are already having trouble keeping the incredible user forced to use the carrier of any form, contracts, inventing bureaucracy at the time of release, working tirelessly to create the forms to the company becoming entangled in a legal (not legal COOL, statutory law), here comes Nokia badass to ruin everything, you know, so do not give! Well, let’s see how long this fairy tale will last crazy these operators are only two options: Get real and get on with dignity and some customers, or delay to get real and go bankrupt. =) The market is not expecting more companies are finally discovering new technologies and media, only if she did not quickly embrace the new model changed our company.

It is quite common to see on blogs when it comes to new phones, comments from people saying they liked the design of hardware, the price, but I wish it came with another operating system. At the moment it is not possible yet, but we are very close to achieving this. How? Virtualization. At VMworld Europe 2009 was presented the new VMWare, using its virtualization technology on a Nokia N800, Maemo uses that as default, but you can also access the Android and Windows CE and can choose between them at any time. Virtualization technology has been used in conventional computers for over 120 years, but had not yet been implemented on mobile devices, and as we see in the video, one thing seems quite feasible. Primarily by economics in developing solutions to adapt the equipment for several different operating systems. For now this is just an idea for the manufacturers, we see the feedback we treat This capability technology, to think that yes there will be impletamentado. Source: Xataka

Lately, LG is developing much in the issue of mobile phones, with each release a novelty in the world of cellphones. This time she brings a very interesting concept (not that it is an incredible novelty), LG Versa, a phone that has touch screen of 3 inches with 480 x 240 pixels, and can incorporate additional accessories to it. As you can see in the picture, you can add a QWERTY keyboard, which I think 823% increases in the productivity of any person. Unfortunately this phone is only available to Americans, and LG has no intention of bringing the phone to Brazil. But combined, a bluetooth keyboard is much more efficient than that. The phone costs about … Well, whatever. Vía | Gizmodo .