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Yesterday we posted an article on the new Nokia 6710 Navigator and made ??a small error in time to relay the news. The fact is that the Nokia 6710 Navigator has Wi-Fi yes, and not as stated in the article. Unfortunately the problem was due to have read only one article on the phone and not just researching it on the manufacturer’s website. We thank Leandro reader who warned us about the error. To err is human, to blame the other is strategic

Leaded An initiative of the GSM Association will reduce the junk mail with universal chargers that work with any cell phone. The initiative was widely supported by mobile phone makers and carriers. The universal charger will be based on Micro-USB interface, and all new devices will come with it. This project, which was announced during the Mobile World Congress 2009 will bring an incredible comfort to users. And do not say this when buying a new phone, but imagine for a second: You’re on the road, and in the middle of the road reminds you left your charger on the kitchen table, ready, you’d be out of communication throughout travel, if it were not for the other 4 boots exactly equal to its people who are with you, or even the doorman at the hotel where you will stay. Well, as the ecological issue of the thing, it’s obvious that nobody is worried about it, but as it is fashionable to be ecologically correct, who will not follow their actions summarily diminished by popular pressure. But of course, do not condemn them for it, worry about this woman and is something for hippies. And man, I hate hippies. The group found that states that an agreement by January 2012 the majority of phones will support the universal charger. Of the companies that have signed the agreement are: LG, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones and multiple carriers, such as Group, AT & T, KTF, Mobilkom Austria, Orange, Telcom Italia, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, T-Mobile and Vodafone. The prediction is that mobile phones with universal charger will be sold this year.

According to Emilia Ribeiro, counselor of Anatel, the Brazilians (only some, of course) will be able to access the internet via the power grid this year. She said that the rules of supply will be ready by the end of March. This type of internet, although not the most advisable, so little will replace the DSL is very useful for the ability to reach, some places outside the Northeast and So, so, so, far tãããoo anywhere in this country has a grid. With this data transmission at high speed by (+/-) grid (technology known as BPL or PLC) takes to be common residential passs network points. Also according to the counselor Emily, is very important that the government consider ways to bring the Internet to health, culture, security, among others, being the cheapest solution and viable for all government departments. One thing I can not let go, even when I read this news I’m passing to you (in my simple way of communicating, of course) could not help but remember these two articles, one of the Archangel and the other in ComputerWorld , I recommend reading.

The MySpace finally has a computer application to access it perfectly on the iPhone and iPod touch, and best of all, totally free. Applications are now available in App Store , you can download it directly from your iPhone or iPod, or iTunes on your computer. The idea of the application is able to take full advantage of the touch screen offers, although there is already a mobile version of MySpace since 2007 had not yet been created so far no specific application for the device. With MySpace Mobile can perform virtually any task on MySpace: View profile friends Add new friends Send photos directly from iPhone Show Photos – Photos are resized to the size of the iPhone screen and you can save it with just a touch screen. Send messages and leave comments on friends profile Edit your profile View the blog Update the mood and state OK, I stopped, it can do EVERYTHING. Undoubtedly one of the best features is being able to view the photos in the exact size of the screen can easily save, as you can see the video at the end of this post. With this application installed on the MySpace is to immediately identify whether the device is iPhone / iPod and use all the features of it, but if by some chance the user’s destination has a need to access the full version of MySpace you can simply enter the address or the slower way: selecting to view the classic version of the site’s homepage See video of the application running: You can more information about the MySpace Mobile for iPhone by clicking here . This is a publieditorial