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Many people, especially when they send the computer for any malicious technical, they discover that Windows XP was installed with a serial pirate, as I say, the old ones. What happens is that the newer versions identify these serial pirate and end up blocking some functions of Windows XP. With this tutorial below so you can easily replace the Windows serial by an original. I recommend for more advanced users: 1 – Run regedit.exe (Start> Run>> regedit), go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / WindowsNT / CurrentVersion / WPAEvents and modify the key OOBETimer (change any character of this variable). 2. Run oobe / msoobe / a (without the quotes), choose activate via Phone> Change serial> enter the new cd-key and reboot WinXP 3. From this moment you changed the cd-key. Pretty simple huh? Post made ??to answer in an email received (two weeks ago), better late than later … is not it?

The folks at ZDnet has a great experiment in the streets of Sydney, looking for people to show them the new system from Microsoft, KDE 4 … Oops … I think this is not the new system from Microsoft. The fact is, they took a laptop containing the operating system and the reaction of people seeing the big news for Windows 7 is for a good laugh. Nobody was able to identify those crap that showed it was not the operating system from Microsoft. Anyway, this just proves one thing: No matter what Microsoft do shit, it’s always going to get any push down consumer Benguela system. Source: ZDnet via FayerWayer

The Samsung will launch in the coming days a new model of phone, the Samsung M7600, which comes with touch screen, but he has the ultimate goal in music reproduction. He is distinguished by the audio amplifier from Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, which guarantees excellent quality audio playback. For those not familiar with these amps, which are present in Ultra Edition II series, I explain: It’s the kind of amplifier that everyone would like that the brothers were on their cellphones, without the fucking xieiras V3 listening to those damn funk. But the amplifier is not the only advantage of this phone, it comes with a special player adepted to use it with touch-screen, which can work as virtual dj, making music effects, mixing and with the possibility of recording the result The screen has 2.8 inch AMOLED type, features HSDPA connectivity and GPS receiver. He also has a 3 megapixel camera. Not yet been informed about the price of the device, but wait till the official release for details.

I found these tips for some time, which help improve the speed of programs to download torrents such as BitTorrent and uTorrent. Currently I am using BitTorrent, but I think uTorrent has done much more popular in Brazil. At the exact moment that I effected all the tips, the download rate went from 50kbps to 92KBps, of course, it seems that none of the tips was running before on my computer. So without further ado: The tips are valid for almost two programs, but write it as if using BitTorrent, does not change much in uTorrent. Go to Options> Preferences (Ctrl + P), go in option conections. Leave the Enable UPnP Port Mapping cleared. Use port 32459 Now go to option BitTorrent, still in Preferences. Leave the option like this: Protocol Encryption: enabled Allow incoming legacy connections (checked) Enable DHT Network (checked) Enable DHT for New Torrents (checked) Enable Peer Exchange (checked) One of the most important points is to let your download speed and upload correct. Remember that the programs are a torrent of give and take, so it’s important that people place a comfortable speed for uploading, it will not disrupt your connection but also not so insignificant that it does not help in downloading another person. Another important thing, let the number of simultaneous connections to 50 (the default is 10), this will make a big difference in the download. If you use these tips, leave a comment with the result. =)