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This extremely interesting gadget is capable of scanning objects in 360 degrees, creating the 3D image. It works very simple, you just need to position the object in the gray circle and turn it on. It will rotate the object while taking pictures of the same sequence, which can then be viewed in your 3dviewer, which also follows the same installation CD. Well, I was interested in purchasing.

A user of the Asus Eee PC 900HA created a tutorial to make the touchscreen netbook from Asus. Well, it seems he could not take much to wait for the new version of the netbook, put your hands dirty and even created a tutorial for everyone to do. The whole kit should not cost more than $ 100 (not sure here, better not to know), since the fact that the Asus Eee PC 900HA costs about $ 320, ride it is not expensive. What requires to leave the Asus Eee PC’s price so low. Link to the topic

I found this list of codes for the Nokia N95, it can be quite useful, especially in cases of minor glitches with the phone. * # 06 # – Display IMEI (serial number) – Guide to unlock the phone. The IMEI is composed of: XXXXXX (TAC) XX (FAC) XXXXXX (SNR) X (SP) TAC = type approval code FAC = Final assembly code SNR = serial number SP = spare * # 0000 # – Phone model, firmware version and date date. * # 7370 # or * # # res0 – Full Format. Erases all data. The security code is 12345, until the user changes. * # 7780 # – Reset. Erases settings and some data. The security code is 12345, until the user changes. * # 7370925538 # or * # # res0wallet – Delete everything in the wallet () in case of lost password. * # 92702689 # or * # # WAR0ANTY – warranty (lifetime) * # 2820 # or * # bta0 # – Display Bluetooth MAC address of the interface. * # 62209526 # or * # # mac0wlan – Displays the MAC address of the WLAN interface. Make good use.

Leaked on the Internet some pictures of the Samsung i8910 Acme, plus a phone with great market power, probably more a competitor of the iPhone. The phone will have possibly a 8-megapixel camera, and will have 8GB and 16GB versions, it also has GPS and plays DivX files is rumored that he will have HDMI, Hi-Fi, possibly 3G, and will likely play with multi-screen -touch. I’m still not sure about the phone’s operating system, despite his earlier run Windows Mobile, Samsung had been discussing about the implementation of Android on their phones. Well, we’ll have to wait until the Mobile Wordl Congress to know.