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I recently had a problem at a client company, he had lost the administrator password of the system, and had only a single user, not allowed not even install new software. I know that is not my area of ??expertise, was there only to discuss the new strategic plan for their website. But I am very curious is that with some cases. The fact is I found this tutorial at forum Baboo, which can save the skin of many people, so I decided to share with everyone. Click here to enter. It worked perfectly.

A friend of mine was preparing a trip to Paraguay, as I am not the beast he bribed to bring some parafern√°ias for me. Not knowing what products I really wanted to ask a list of sites of Paraguay shops there, something to help create a small shopping list. Obviously I’ll share this list of stores in Paraguay with you is the following: According to his own statement, the store NaveNet and Excel are the most reliable and inexpensive. Make good use. : P

This new mini MP3 player offers 150 hours of recording, is available in 6 different colors (I have no picture), this offers a little slide in the four directions. Very small and interesting, besides having a very elegant design. Obviously it also has USB function. I do not have correct information in price, mainly because the versions of it that we see here come the border dee, if you know what I mean.

It seems that 2009 is the year of strange gadgets, but do not you? This glasses (!?), promises relax the mind of the person using it, and help in concentration, reduce stress and anxiety. This strange little thing ai top has 12 LEDs, half white and half blue. Causing the brain lights that capture images and relaxed, bringing a pleasant feeling of well being. I know not, but I think it would work much better if you put a picture of a woman in a really nice lens. Sense of well being is guaranteed!