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As each day passes my list of stupid things to have is increasing, look what just go to this list: [LINK TO THE VIDEO] Yes, a jetpack-powered water, seem to spend far less than usual.

Samsung has just announced that finally the time is now, you can have 32GB of memory RAMs. This is a rather large leap for the memories. Initially it will be a little expensive this type of memory, mainly by upgrading necessary in today’s PCs, moreover, not sure if the current operating systems support so much. It was in September last year that Samsung announced the creation of 2GB modules, which allow the creation of up to 16GB of memory, that I believe will have a much larger distribution than the 32GB, at least initially. Reason? $!

They just invent the ideal solution for those who hates to be awakened in the morning, especially by that annoying alarm clock noises. This new concept of alarm is somewhat interesting, we can finally do what we want to do throughout our life, just like in the cartoons.

CCE is a brand that has a reputation a little dirty, mainly for their poor support, but ultimately, it will not take into account when doing the review of this product. CCE W93C Satux comes with Linux, in my view, is the worst Linux distro that exists, that fact is not explained, perhaps because of lack of competence of the creators of the notebook, which might well have chosen Ubuntu, since the only benefit would be free operating system. Besides this major problem, let the product characteristics. Recalling that the purpose of this post is not to analyze every little detail of the CCE W93C, but make a summary that may help someone decide to buy that product. The CCE has W93C Core 2 Duo 1.8 Ghz, an excellent processor from Intel that provides enough performance in any application, it is strongly recommended. The pattern of this notebook is 2GB, more than enough for basic tasks and even games. Windows Vista, XP and Seven run perfectly with that amount of memory as well as any Linux distro. It comes with a 120GB, I do not find much, especially if you like to save television shows and movies on it, but for most common user is a great size. He has a DVD burner, stereo speakers, 1.3MP webcam and your video card is Mirage 3 +. Its display is 14.1 (widescreen) has a good resolution and clarity. Now comes the details about the equipment we need no more information than this to profile the notebook and draw a conclusion: The notebook has the worst graphics card that is on the market, even the Mirage 3 + is simply a mess, in actual tests, a notebook with these settings would run the Need For Speed ??Underground 2 and round, but in this case, this video card simply does not allow it, the game is slow and ends up becoming very uncomfortable. But of course, in the case of games, no one would buy this notebook, then go to another example: When using the program Macromedia Fireworks CS3, is simply impossible to use the image editing tools such as rubber and brush, the picture is quite slow generating a large delay between what you are doing and what happens on screen. Quite annoying. But things change when you use the old version of the program, Macromedia Fireworks MX, runs perfectly well. Taking all part of the program edits images and video (newer programs, the older 2006, 2007 run fine) and games, he has excellent speed to use programs like Office, DVD Recorder, Media Player, among others joint programs and office. He is an excellent buy, for sure, but it also has a major flaw: the attempt to create a cheap and affordable laptop, CCE has opted for a little casting a slut, it just seems made of cheap plastic, not is tough, any bump can mean the end of your notebook, or at least the look of it. I recommend the notebook, it is very useful, very fast and lightweight. Do not worry though it was very poorly assembled, the only drawbacks are due to the video card and housing. Careful people will make good use of this equipment is cheap and extremely powerful.