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Windows Live is a software package that does not require any type of presentation. Of course, that’s where it is included the most famous instant messaging in the world, Windows Live Messenger . Besides the so famous Windows Live Messenger (MSN), the application package includes several very good programs, which are perhaps not as well known here in Brazil. Although nearly all who venture into installing the MSN (say 98% of users), install applications with Windows Live, but do not even realize that they did. This series of posts will explain just that, using the Windows Live applications effectively, increasing productivity, saving time and fun in all its tasks. What the hell is Windows Live? Microsoft recently announced the new generation platform Windows Live , which basically is a collection applications related to online services that facilitate communication and sharing files, photos, messages, videos, etc, etc, etc.. This new version has been crafted especially in conjunction with several industry-leading online platforms such as F lickr, LinkedIn, metroFLOG, Pandora, Photobucket, Twitter, WordPress, among many others. This allows you to create and share content online so much easier and simpler. Once you can upgrade almost all the tools through a central office. As I have said for YEARS, it proves that Microsoft is willing to facilitate users’ digital lifestyle, bringing great tools for sharing to other service providers, it’s all totally free. What tools of Windows Live that you both speak? It’s quite simple my dear rabbit northern lame left front leg. The Windows Live services 16 basically has to talk about all that, I promise a minimum service of Windows Live daily. Here’s the list: Windows Live Writer Windows Live Toolbar Windows Live Spaces Windows Live Skydrive Windows Live Safety Windows Live Profile Windows Live Movie Maker Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Mail Windows Live Hotmail Windows Live Groups Windows Live Photo Gallery Windows Live Photo Windows Live Events Windows Live Contacts Windows Live Calendar Not going into details about each service in that post, but wait until the next series. To download the applications and take advantage of all Windows Live services, simply go to your download page

Who follows the blog may notice the few updates this last week, and of course also the new sections in the header. I will try to explain to you what is really happening in this place, behind the scenes blog Kilobyte. First I would like to explain the new sections of the blog, they are: Reviews and Reviews In this section of the blog we will talk exclusively on products that are already in the Brazilian market, including mobile phones, USB sticks, notebooks, digital cameras, etc.. For this we close partnership with several companies in this industry, which will offer the products for an uncompromising Reviews, where I could talk all the equipment is good, but criticize its shortcomings. In addition to reviews we also reviews and product comparisons, even if we are unable to test them, we can compare their functions with those of its competitors or the more modern equipment that are posted. Games Games has always been a subject discussed here in Kilobyte, and finally set aside a corner just for them. There will be found tips, translations, downloads of games (not pirated of course), and news releases in the world of gaming. Hardware As the name implies, will talk about hardware. Processors, Video Cards, memory, CPU cooler, case modding, overclocking and so on. Furthermore we make some comparisons of speed between processors and video cards. Soon we will have a comprehensive website on hardware. Developers It is our section dedicated to developers, from beginners to experts. There you can find free scripts, troubleshooting, job offers and more. (Ps.: note the header of this section) Downloads In the downloads section can be found several freeware programs, to increase their productivity at work or at home, customize your PC useless. What we want with this section is to create a site style Arcade, where you can find a little of everything. Drivers How many times have you had trouble finding the correct driver from your video card, audio and the like. Thinking that we create the drivers section, where we will post links to downlaod from several drivers. Courses In the section of courses will be posted several handouts and free courses. All absolutely free and open to everyone. In this section you can find professional courses on programming courses. Design Thinking is clear in all IT professionals, the Design section was also created. It will be possible to find many tutorials, tips, plugins and all that is needed for a good designer to work. But what is the why of it all? With the creation of these sections I hope to finally get around to organize blog content Kilobyte. I want a zone to every IT professional in this blog. I will not hide from you the biggest goal of all this is finally reaching an inordinate number of hits. We have several goals to be cumpridadas and are working hard for it. The goal is to post at least 20 articles per day. Since five articles should be mandatory for Kilobyte (main) with nFurther focus on news in the technology area, the remaining items will be distributed among other sections. This is a very high number to keep a blog, but we’re confident we’ll succeed. In a 2 or 3 years I can tell if it really worth it or not this project. It is to this date it is expected the high point of our service, and I will not fail.

I just read a news story on the G1 – the section on Car and technology – the use of headphones connected to mobile phones and stereos is prohibited under Article 252 of the Brazilian Traffic Code. Leaded It is true that with headphones, especially the good ones, just nullifying all the sound from outside, including horns, sudden braking, cursing people at traffic lights, etc.. Now is it guys, we thank the G1 for providing this information to everyone – including police officers – who will now be able to fine everybody. Source: G1

Microsoft this week has opened registration for the fourth edition of its training program Students to Business, which prepares young people to join the technology market. According to Microsoft itself, in the last three editions of the training, where 6000 students completed all the stages of the program, more than 2.5 million people found jobs during its completion. Note that when it involves Microsoft certifications curriculum weighs a bit, and I speak not only for professionals wanting to pursue a career as a programmer for Windows, but any work that I value – even in the extreme freetard – should have this training course in their curriculum. The training has a workload of 84 hours, and happens in the company’s innovation centers in several cities: Aracaju Araraquara, Bauru, Belem, Belo Horizonte, Clean Field, Curitiba, João Pessoa, Joinville, Manaus, Maringá, Olinda, Porto Alegre, Recife, Ribeirão Preto, Salvador, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Sao Jose dos Campos, São Paul and Victoria. The application deadline is March 31. Want to make your existing subscription, or get more information? Click here